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We Specialise in Septic Tank Installation and Replacing Failed Septic Tank Systems

Septic Systems Gold Coast

If you are looking at replacing or upgrading your septic tank or septic trenches, the experts at Old School Plumbing have you covered. 

Our dedicated team has years of experience installing hundreds of septic systems across South East Queensland and beyond. From removing and replacing septic tank systems to installing new systems, septic trenches and Drainfields, Old School plumbing installs to industry code, uses the highest quality products, and offers outstanding service. 

Contact Us Today. Septic Trenches start from $3,990.

Septic Tank

The septic tank is designed to provide primary treatment of wastewater by capturing and restricting soil clogging constituents (such as solids, fats, oils, grease, etc.) from reaching the drain field.  The septic tank provides an environment whereby some of these constituents are further reduced by microbial decomposition.  It is recommended the septic tank be pump out at least every 2 – 5 years.


The drainfield is comprised of a distribution device (distribution box or D-Box, pressure manifold) and one or more drainlines.  Gravel and gravel-less trenches are available. Some gravel-less trenches allow for a 25% reduction in the overall drainline length when compared to a gravel drainline and, therefore, can reduce the size of the septic system drainfield.


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