Blocked Drains

Utilizing the latest technology and equipment to ensure the fastest more cost-effective way to unblock your drains.

Blocked drains cleared from $90

Jet Blaster and CCTV Inspections from $260

Blocked Drains

What was that sound? You swear you heard a weird gurgle in the bathroom… but there’s other things to worry about right now. Gotta get the kids to school, there’s that family dinner on the weekend, there’s bigger concerns! Then, the gurgling grew worse, and now your drains are blocked!

You need a drain cleaning plumber… you need Old School Plumbing!

Whether it’s showers, sinks, or toilets, we’ve been cleaning drains on the Gold Coast for fifteen years. We certainly have the experience to back it up.

So once you give us a call, how does it all work?

Well, first we’ll clear your blockage and then assess the situation. We’ll take our camera to get an understanding of the blockage and then do our best to make sure it won’t return. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, but we’ll provide you with a free comprehensive report on the best way to sustain block free drains.

Our team has access to the very latest technology and equipment to ensure the most affordable and time efficient way to unclog your drains.

If you’re looking for a drain cleaning plumber on the Gold Coast or Logan area…

Call Old School Plumbing any time on 0428402056 – there’s no call-out fee!


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